Weekly Report

For the week of November 9, 2020

Bay Area

Del Valle Lake: Lake Del Valle Fishing Report: Fishing Report for... more »
Del Valle Marina (510) 544-3146 (Updated 2020-11-09)

Central California

Santa Margarita Lake: The Crappie Are Biting Like Crazy!: The crappie are... more »
Santa Margarita Lake Staff 805-438-1522 (Updated 2020-11-09)

Central Sierra

No reports for this week!

Central Valley Rivers

Sacramento River: Steelhead on the Sacramento River: Well we are... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2020-11-10)
Sacramento River - Lower: Rain for the Sac begins tomorrow!: We need rain,... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2020-11-12)
Good Sac steelhead fishing continues!: Not much more to report today other than... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2020-11-09)


Sacramento Delta: CA Delta Fishing Report by Randy Walker: Air Temp: 45-61 Water... more »
FISHBIO (Updated 2020-11-14)

Eastern Sierra

Convict Lake: Great Way To End The Season!: What a great... more »
Convict Lake Staff (760) 934-3800 (Updated 2020-11-15)
Crowley Lake: Crowley Lake Fishing Report: Water Conditions:  Good ATTENTION:... more »
The Trout Fitter Staff (800) 637-6912 (Updated 2020-11-13)
East Walker River (CA): East Walker River Report: Flow Rates and... more »
The Trout Fitter Staff (800) 637-6912 (Updated 2020-11-13)
Low Winter Time Flows: The East Walker River is at low winter... more »
Doug Rodricks (760) 935-4250 (Updated 2020-11-09)
Grant Lake: Last Trip of The Season: Just finished up... more »
Dan Lengning (661) 478-0036 (Updated 2020-11-12)
3 Days of Fun Fishing: Just finished up fishing 3 days fun fishing... more »
Dan Lengning (661) 478-0036 (Updated 2020-11-11)
Grant Lake- Angler Report: Jasmine and her dad were fishing on Grant... more »
Fish Reports Staff (Updated 2020-11-10)
Gull Lake: Nice 4 + Pounder Out of Gull Lake: Mike Pape from... more »
Scott Champion (760) 648-7756 (Updated 2020-11-14)
5lb. Rainbow at Gull Lake: Jacob Sahagun from Folsom caught this 5.62 rainbow... more »
Scott Champion (760) 648-7756 (Updated 2020-11-12)
Hot Creek: Hot Creek Fishing Report: Flow Rates and... more »
The Trout Fitter Staff (800) 637-6912 (Updated 2020-11-13)
Owens River - Section 3 - Upper (above Crowley): Upper Ownes River Report: Water Conditions: Good Flows... more »
The Trout Fitter Staff (800) 637-6912 (Updated 2020-11-13)
Upper Owens River Fishing Report: We have started fishing on the Upper Owens... more »
Doug Rodricks (760) 935-4250 (Updated 2020-11-09)
Truckee River: Big Changes on The Truckee River: Big changes on... more »
Matt Koles (775) 351-6665 (Updated 2020-11-09)


Eagle Lake: Cool Foggy Start This Morning: Cool foggy start... more »
Big Daddy (530) 370-1001 (Updated 2020-11-12)

North Coast

Mad River: New Zealand Mud Snails found in the Mad River: In mid-October, a... more »
Kenny Priest (707) 496-8671 (Updated 2020-11-12)
Smith River: Smith River Report: Fishing at the... more »
Kenny Priest (707) 496-8671 (Updated 2020-11-12)
Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir: The Rain is Doing Good Things: Rain for this... more »
E.B. Duggan (530) 629-3554 (Updated 2020-11-15)


Santa Cruz Harbor: Bonito Fishing Was Good Today: The fishing was... more »
Todd Fraser (Updated 2020-11-15)
Sacramento Delta: CA Delta Fishing Report by Randy Walker: Air Temp: 45-61 Water... more »
FISHBIO (Updated 2020-11-14)
California Dawn Sportfishing: Lingcod Limits up to 26 Pounds!: Incredible fishing today... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-11-15)
Excellent Day on The Combo Grounds!:             Good weather and a “wide open” rockfish bite!... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-11-14)
Full Limits For Both Boats: Bumpy conditions today but solid rockfish and Dungeness... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-11-13)
Flat Weather And Wide Open Fishing: Flat weather and wide open fishing today for... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-11-12)
What an opening week for crabs! : What an opening week for crabs! Limits every... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-11-10)
Fish Emeryville: Another Day of Limits: Today the Sea... more »
Jon Yokomizo (Updated 2020-11-15)
Sea Wolf Thursday Report: Today the Sea Wolf enjoyed ended the day... more »
Jon Yokomizo (Updated 2020-11-12)
Great Private Charter Today: Today the Sea Wolf had a great private... more »
Jon Yokomizo (Updated 2020-11-11)
Limits of Crab & Rockfish: Today the Sea Wolf enjoyed much improved weather... more »
Jon Yokomizo (Updated 2020-11-10)
Half Moon Bay Sportfishing: Crab Combo limits ! 🦀: Had a awesome... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2020-11-11)
Crab Combo: The weather finally backed down and we were... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2020-11-09)
Happy Hooker Sportfishing: Farallon islands crab and rockfish : The Pacific Dream... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-15)
Farallon islands crab and rockfish : The Pacific Dream had another excellent day at... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-14)
Limits of crab and rockfish: We had a great trip today, limits of... more »
Jonathon Smith (Updated 2020-11-14)
Farallon islands crab and rockfish : Despite a little weather the Pacific Dream and... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-13)
Big rockfish and lots of crab: The crab fishing has been excellent so far... more »
Jonathon Smith (Updated 2020-11-12)
Crab rockfish combo: Pacific Dream reporting in with another bountiful catch!... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-12)
Farallon islands rockfish and Crab: The slaughter continues aboard the Pacific Dream with... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-11)
Crabs and rockfish: Another fun day on the Happy Hooker our... more »
Jonathon Smith (Updated 2020-11-11)
Crab Combo: Another excellent day at the Farallon islands! Limits of... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-10)
Crab!: We enjoyed good weather and good rockfishing at... more »
Jonathon Smith (Updated 2020-11-10)
Farallon islands Crab and rockfish: pacificdreamsportfishing Got Crabs? We had an excellent day with... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2020-11-09)
Limits of crab and rockfish : We had a good crab combo today. Everyone... more »
Jonathon Smith (Updated 2020-11-09)
Lovely Martha Sportfishing: Another great day!!: 11/15/20. LIMITS!! Today... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-15)
Another day of limits!!: 11/14/20. LIMITS!! Today we caught 22 limits(220) of... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-14)
Limits of both!!: 11/13/20. Today we caught 25 limits(250) of crab... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-13)
Limits of crab and back to the dock early!!: 11/12/20. Good morning everyone. Today we had a... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-12)
Heavy sacks!!: 11/11/20. Today we caught 21 limits(210) of crab... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-11)
Limits limits limits!!: 11/10/20. LIMITS!! Today we started off getting 26... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-10)
Crab opener was a huge success!!: 11/9/20. What a great way to kick off... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2020-11-09)
New Captain Pete: Combo 11/15/20: Despite some cone... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2020-11-15)
Half day crab trips: Today we ran two half day crab only... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2020-11-14)
Mud bugs galore!: They keep coming! Easy limits of crab again... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2020-11-13)
CRAB! CRAB! CRAB!: ... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2020-11-12)
$100 Dungeness Crab Special 11/25 Afternoon Trip: Our 12 noon departure on 11/25 is 25$... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2020-11-12)
First crab trip!: Great way to start off our first combo... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2020-11-11)
Riptide Sportfishing: Excellent bottom fishing : Another great start... more »
William Smith (Updated 2020-11-11)
Good start for Rock fishing : A great way to start your day! ... more »
William Smith (Updated 2020-11-10)
November Rock Fishing : We had a great day and beautiful weather... more »
William Smith (Updated 2020-11-10)
Salty Lady Sportfishing: 🦀 Dave Holguin Charter !! 🐟: LIMITS of Crab... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2020-11-15)
Under the wire !!!: We beat the rain... kinda !! 😂 Finished... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2020-11-13)
Believe it or not....: Believe it or not we actually got limits... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2020-11-12)
🦀🦀 AND AGAIN !! 🐟🐟: Did it again today... LIMITS of Crab, LIMITS... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2020-11-11)
Another COMBO TRIP !!: Another fantastic combo trip today !! Great weather/sea... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2020-11-10)
COMBOS !! 🐟🦀: LIMITS of Dungeness Crabs !!! LIMITS of Rockfish !!!  ... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2020-11-09)


Klamath River - Middle: Klamath River Fly Fishing Outfitter: The 2020 fly fishing... more »
Mario Gomez (530) 598-0530 (Updated 2020-11-11)
Klamath River - Upper - CA: Fishing buddies making it happen on the Klamath river : Long time fishing... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2020-11-11)
Weather is cooling down but Klamath fishing stays hot: Fishing on the Klamath for Steely Trout continues... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2020-11-09)

Sierra Foothills

Lake Amador: Monster Amabow!: Luke Banbliet out... more »
Lake Amador Staff (209) 274-4739 (Updated 2020-11-13)
Lake Amador Staff (209) 274-4739 (Updated 2020-11-12)

Wine Country North

No reports for this week!