CA Delta Fishing Report by Randy Walker

Sacramento Delta

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RB Bass


Air Temp: 45-61

Water Temp: 54.6 

Water Clarity: 4ft 

Tide: Low Out to In

Today I was able to grab a work buddy and hit the Delta. We got on the water about 9am with a low outgoing tide out of B&W Resort. I fired up the Suzuki and made a short run and started fishing… Started off with a chatterbait and caught one small fish pretty quick. Hit a couple punch mats in the area with no luck so made a move down the bank 50 yards and caught a couple more on the chatterbait. We worked the bank for about 100 yards with no more action so we made a 10 minute run and started hitting another bank. We threw the chat, jigs, ripbait, lipless, neko rigs and the Berkley Choppo, but was only rewarded with 1 small fish. I decided to move to a center island and right away picked up another small one, then moved around the backside and caught another off the point. A quick move to the adjacent bank proved to be a good move as I found a little deeper water and started having more success on the chatterbait with a couple 3’s and 4 more smaller ones. It was tough overall as the bite was not on fire for us and we didn’t get anything big, but it was a great day to be out on the water. 

Most fish came in 6-10ft of water but were eating the bait about 2ft under the surface. Caught several fish right at the boat as the chatterbait changed direction coming up towards the surface. 

Baits used:

  • Custom Chatterbait (shad and Grm Pmkn) 
  • Berkley General
  • Berkley Pitboss
  • IMA Flit 
  • IMA Suspending Vibe
  • Berkley Choppo 

Be safe out there as lots of vegetation is floating around that can get caught on wood on a lower tide, so be careful when running the clump edges! 

Randy Walker ~  

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