Almanor Lake Fish Report

Lake Almanor - CA (Plumas County)

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

The best/clearest water to be at Lake Cove, south to the Dam, and Prattville to  the USFS ramp. Darker water calls for the use of attractors like flashers, or dodgers to help fish take notice It doesn't matter what your trolling behind the flashers or dodgers, crawlers, smelt imitations, fast action lures, all can be effective right now. Rainbows to 3.5 lbs., and a few Browns over 3 lbs. reported from a couple of locals who have been working the shallows around Lake cove. 2 year old Salmon still around and looking good. Sonar shows fish all over the depth range, lots of marks from 20 ft. and down, however there are lots of fish cruising the top water. Fish will hit it if they can see it. Attractors can only help.

Bait fishing and jigging can also be effective. Prattville Towers, Geritol Cove, Rec. 2, Skinny Dip Beach, all are worth a look in December. This time of year Almanor can produce some big fish that are still lurking around spawning areas looking for leftovers before returning their attention back to the smelt. Suspended roe, Salmon eggs, crawlers, close to the bottom can draw the attention of big fish. 

Jigging can be a lot of work, but it can also produce big fish. White jigs darting around in spawn areas can get whacked any time. Doug Neal: (530) 258-6732

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