Lake MCCLure Fishing Report

Lake McClure - Coulterville, CA (Mariposa County)

by RB Bass

Lake McClure Fishing Report

Tim Meeks and I decided to go up to lake McClure to get a little bit of practice in before our B.A.S.S. Nation event we had. We started fishing Thursday and fished all the way through the event on Sunday (3/18-3/21). After 4 days of fishing that lake I was pretty convinced that there wasn’t a fish in that lake over 2 pounds! The fishing itself was very good for numbers but for quality it was brutal! With the water temp dropping from 57 degrees the first day to 55 degrees Saturday and then rising back up to 58 by Sunday. This alone confused the fish, some moving up to spawn while others were still deep. I threw a variety of baits but narrowed it down to 3 baits that were working the best; 1-drop shotting a 4 inch shad colored worm- 2-Wacky rigging a small 4 inch senko in green pumpkin- 3- 3/8 ounce underspin with a 3.8 inch keitech in shad pattern. It was fairly easy to get bit on these three baits so I stuck with it. With the weather and water temp we had I decided to focus on the first structure leading into spawning bays or flats. Main lake points also produced some fish but, the quality of fish was definitely better on secondary points and flats leading into the spawning areas. If I had to offer advice to anyone going out to lake McClure it would be to focus on secondary points with shad patterned baits or green pumpkin colored senkos this should get you guys quality and quantity of fish!

Report by Adrian Murar

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