Lake Camanche Fishing report

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RB Bass

by RB Bass

Lake Camanche fishing report 03/09/2021 by Arlando ABella

 Pulled up to  lake at around noon to take my younger brother and dad out for a couple hours of fishing. I unhooked the boat and backed the Nitro Z19 powered by a Mercury 200 HP from the best dealer in California (Gone Fishin’ Marine). I had noticed that the water was a bit more clear than I was expecting. The water clarity was about 15-20’ of visibility in most areas. I instantly looked to my graphs and seen that the water temperature was just under 55 degrees. With that knowledge, I decided to make my first stop on a rock bank with some deeper water near by. I decided to start by throwing an A-rig which yielded no success for the few casts I had made. I followed up by throwing a float and fly in around 10’ while I kept the boat out in 30’. It didn’t take long for me to have my first keeper of the day which weighed around two and a half pounds. I proceeded down the bank, as I approached a spawning flat on the bank I decided to make a run to a long tapering point which also had some deeper water near by. At this spot I decided to throw a Senko but quickly switched back to the float and fly. In know time at all I watched my float start to disappear. I reeled my slack in and swung my Phenix rod to drive the hook in! As we got him into the boat we soon learned that this was a pattern to defiantly key in on. SHAD and deep water near by. I turned around and hear the drag running as my father Eddie Abella had hooked into his first solid keeper of the day. I caught a few more fish at the point before I decided to fire up the Motor and make a move to the bridge up river. As we pulled up I noticed the water clarity had began to look more stained. I set my younger brother (Eddie Abella Jr.) up with a prism shad colored drop shot. It was only five short minutes before he hollered “I got one”. As he began to fight the fish, his rod went stiff. The fish had came off the hook. The very next cast he had redeemed him self as he landed an nice two and a half pound Spotted Bass. We proceeded down the bank  with no success and decided to go back out to the main lake. We pulled up the the steep wall on the South Shore and began fishing. I continued to keep the float and fly in my hand and with no surprise, my float began to disappear. I instantly reeled and set. This fish ended up weighing two and a quarter. About a minuet after, my father had hooked up with another solid two and a half pound fish. I looked down at my phone and time had ran away and it was time to head back to the dock. All in all was a fun and productive trip with fish biting on all parts of the lake. If you decide to go out and give it a shot, remember shad, shad, shad, and deep water near by.


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