New Melones Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

Don Cady and Dan Holly of Murphys had a good day on the lake pulling in 6 trout mostly caught in 45 feet of water with worms and purple apex's although they did find and catch a few in 65 feet trolling around Glory Hole point.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Glory Hole Sports

by Glory Hole Sports

The kokanee bite has pretty much come to a stop as they are beginning to move up river for the spawn although you may get lucky and catch a few. The trout are also a little tougher to catch right now but the cool weather and chance of rain in the upcoming days should make the trout move higher in the water column and become more active. A couple of different setups are with a gold dodger with orange/purple, jpex lures, pink, orange hoochies, and apex lures in rainbow trout or purple colors and add a worm to the back to add a little something.
The bass bite has slowed some although there is still plenty to be caught out there. Many of the fish that are being caught at suspended 15 feet deep in 20-30 foot of water during the day chasing massive balls of shad on the lake. This makes a dropshot, Carolina rig, crankbait or a jerkbait a good option. With the cool weather that is going to be coming through the bass should start to become more active and move up in the water column and stay closer to the top throughout the day. Crankbaits are going to be the choice of lures in the coming days .
Many of the catfish being caught right now are in 15-30 foot of water and can be caught on a variety of different cut baits or worms. Even with a full moon the bigger fish are choosing to wait until the early morning to bite rather than feed at night when they might be expected to.
The crappie bite has dropped off, possibly due to the heat and like all other species they may begin to get more active and move higher up in the water column when cool weather comes. We only have large minnows in stock at the moment.

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