New Melones Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Glory Hole Sports

by Glory Hole Sports

The trout bite at this time is slowly getting better with the cold weather and rain we have been getting but the trout are still scattered at different depths. Some can be seen chasing shad and eating right at the top of the water while some are as deep as 60 feet. Both sides of the lake have recently been planted with both rainbows and brown trout so there has been some success around those areas. Some ideal lures for this time of the year are cast masters, speedy shiners or any other small baitfish imitations and you can quickly find yourself on a wide open bite.
The bass bite on the lake has continued to get better as the bass have gotten a lot more active with the cold weather and rain. There is baitfish scattered all across the lake (especially in the creek arms and cuts). Get yourself on these baitfish and you will have one fantastic day using spoons. To catch them you have to get on the outer edge or right outside of the bait ball. Any type of shad imitation at this time of the year works really well to catch bass especially a dropshot or small swimbaits. There is still some topwater fish to be caught early in the mornings even though the majority of the fish are around 45-60 feet deep.
Catfishing at this time of the year usually begins to drop off due to the colder weather but there still is plenty to be caught especially under the schools of baitfish. This is because they will wait for the scraps and dead baitfish to fall to the bottom from the bass or trout that are feeding above. The best chance to catch the catfish at the moment is to find a school of baitfish in a cove and fish below them.
The crappie bite is slowly beginning to pick up with the colder weather but will get increasingly better with more rain and cold weather. The best way to catch them during the day would be with spoons or crappie jigs in 30-50 foot of water and at night the best option would be to use a crappie light and fish in a cove with plenty of bait and jig or use live minnows anywhere from 5-15 feet under the surface. 
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