New Melones Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

Brown Trout, Brown Trout
Austin Tarap of Murphys was fishing below the Camp 9 bridge hiking his way along the Stanislaus River landing this healthy brown trout weighing 6.2 lbs. He was fishing with a CD11 Rapala.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Glory Hole Sports

by Glory Hole Sports

New Melones Reservoirs' current elevation is 1012.40 and 75.60 ft. from full, dropping 2.5 ft. the last 14 days. This puts the reservoir capacity at 70%. Water temperature is 80 d. Water clarity is 0-3 ft.

ON ANOTHER NOTE AND CONCERN....We have had many reports from locals that a high percentage of people that have been coming to the Sierra's and foothills have been destroying property and leaving a lot of trash behind for someone else to pick up. We ask that when you visit our beautiful lakes, day camps, and trails please do not be disrespectful to the land and please do not leave your trash behind, "You pack it in, you pack it out!!!"

Glory Hole Boat Ramps:

Highest ramp is in water from 1088.00 to 1025.00 (CLOSED)

Middle ramp is in water from 1028.00-to 940.00

Tuttletown Boat Ramps: 

Highest ramp in water from 1088.00 to 1031.00

Middle ramp in water from 1036.00 to 942.00

Angels Cove Boat Ramp:

Only one ramp- it’s in water from 1088’ to 975’


You have to put in some time locating the kokanee and waiting till they are done feeding on the plankton before any decent bite will happen. Look for them deep and on the bottom of a island top or shelf, 80-100 ft. deep. Couple different setups are with a gold dodger with orange/purple, jpex lures, pink, orange hoochies, and apex lures in rainbow trout colors. 


You can trigger a reactionary bite with a variety of baits, enticing bass into striking. Try flipping a jig or worm into cover, ripping a spinnerbait off the shoreline or through brush tops, banging crankbaits into rocks or stumps, or sputtering a topwater or buzzbait over shallow cover.


The crappie bite has dropped off, possibly due to the heat. May be going to deeper, cooler waters. We have live large and medium minnows in stock! 

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