New Melones Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

HeadHunter Sportsfishing Kyle Wise 209-531-3966
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Glory Hole Sports Staff

by Glory Hole Sports

New Melones Reservoirs' current elevation is 1015.22 and 72.78 ft. from full, dropping 7 ft. in the last 30 days. Water temperature has also dropped slightly to 78d.

With the pandemic taking a choke hold on us thru spring and now summer, there has been a resurgence in sport fishing activity thru out the United States. As we wade thru Covid-19 mandates, people are looking for an escape from the lockdown and are headed to their local sporting goods to fill their tackle boxes and head to the Sierra Nevada lakes and streams for getaways. There's an upside to this activity for retailers and wholesalers, many retailers and wholesalers reporting 300-500 % increase in demand. The down side to this good news is the resurgence has depleted many tackle stores, wholesalers are depleted of stock and asking retailers to wait weeks for orders to be filled and many items just are not available. On an average a retail order will have 50-70 % of an order placed thru their vendor marked as out of stock. Glory Hole Sports is working with our vendors to fill orders as fast as we can get items back in stock. 

ON ANOTHER NOTE AND CONCERN....We have had many reports from locals that a high percentage of people that have been coming to the Sierra's and foothills have been destroying property and leaving a lot of trash behind for someone else to pick up. We ask that when you visit our beautiful lakes, day camps, and trails please do not be disrespectful to the land and please do not leave your trash behind, "You pack it in, you pack it out!!!" 

Glory Hole Boat Ramps:

Highest ramp is in water from 1088.00 to 1025.00 (CLOSED)

Middle ramp is in water from 1028.00-to 940.00

Tuttletown Boat Ramps: 

Highest ramp in water from 1088.00 to 1031.00

Middle ramp in water from 1036.00 to 942.00

Angels Cove Boat Ramp:

Only one ramp- it’s in water from 1088’ to 975’


HeadHunter Sportsfishing had one of those epic days, with a boat load of ladies and with the help of Kevin Ogg checking downrigger weights for the crew,they brought in a limit of up to 19" Kokanee and some beautiful Rainbow Trout.


Anglers in hot pursuit of bass are having varied success on New Melones using soft plastic baits, dropshot, Carolina Rigs, Ned Rigs, and top water baits. in the early mornings fish the shallows, off points and hilltops, along vertical cliff faces. Mid afternoons bass are headed to deeper waters, bring out the deep diver crank baits. 


Anglers fishing crappie are finding they are going deeper in the water looking for the cooler water and following the shad. The bite has slowed some but the sunfish are still there to be caught. Glory Hole Sports now has large live minnows in stock.

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