Glory Hole Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Glory Hole Sports

New Melones Lake level is currently at 1031.86. The last two weeks lake levels have not droppped, holding steady, however water temperature across the lake is steadily dropping currently at 68d. Tuttletown's boat launch ramp will be changing to the middle ramp as the top ramp goes out of the water at 1031.00 elevation. The middle ramp will be used for elevations from 1036.00-942.00. Glory Hole Point side of the lake has the high ramp working till lake elevation hits approx.1025.00 and at that point the middle ramp will be in use from ele. 1028.00 to 940.00. Another 3.86 ft. will have to be drawn from Melones before the middle ramp comes into use. Angels Cove ramp is in use from ele.1088.00 - 975.00.

We like to promote catch and release on New Melones. If you do so, provide us a picture and bring it in for a copy or email it to us at [email protected] so we can put it on the board or in the newsletter.

Anglers FYI: For anyone with a potential lake record please call us at the store and hopefully we can send someone to weigh, photograph and measure the catch at the lake. GHS is the unofficial recorder of lake records for New Melones, and we understand there is sometimes conflicting interest in the welfare of the catch, whether or not to release the potential record, sacrificing your place as a record holder for the lake.

We do promote catch and release. For potential lake records, record the statistics of the fish... length, girth, weight and photographed at the lake before releasing her. If indeed we can verify the information that is provided, such as a witness, comparing the scale used with ours, a photograph with the fish hanging from the scale and can see the scale weight, etc...then we can accept this as proof. If your catch has expired than indeed bring it in to GHS so we can record it here, and you can have it mounted!


Kevin McCarthy of Laguna Niguel hooked onto this nice Rainbow Trout on Melones, Oct. 6 McCarthy landed the beauty at 11:45 am near the 49 bridge at a 40 ft. depth trolling a gold/red Speedy Shiner. No dodger or flasher.


Done for the season


Bass anglers report hooking up using Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap during some early morning action along with Johnny C. Jigs and attached trailer. Plastic baits provide go to action on Melones. The Castaic Bass Club made the long trip to Melones and was on the water Oct. 13th & 14th. It was a pleasure meeting this great group of guys. Winning weight came in at 19.36 lbs.


Going into the second week of Glory Hole Sports Catfish Contest so far there has been 4 cats weighed in and the top weight on two currently is 18 + lbs. Tyler Touchstone of Modesto slammed these Catfish on Melones using frozen Mackerel fishing during the day.


Slow but not at a standstill. Anglers reporting landing Crappie in the marina cove, and trolling on the main lake at 40 ft. Fall Crappie can be found shallow, deep or at the thermocline where it may be the most comfortable area for them to forage for food.

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