California Delta Fishing Report

California Delta

by RB Bass

Water Temp 62-68 Degrees
Water Clarity Stained- 4ft

The delta is starting to heat up folks! The first major way of fish have spawned on this last full moon. The females have pulled off the beds and are staging near deeper water. Topwater baits have been a huge player for males guarding fry. Small lake like impoundments such as Little Mandevil, Little Franks, Three Ponds, and the Duck Pond have fish migrating in and out of these places daily! These are areas I would focus on for the next few weeks with this warm weather approaching. I would stick to a few rods on the deck, there’s no need to get reel crazy on techniques. Here’s what I would have on the deck…

Topwater rod: Frog, Pop R, Wakebait
Flip Rod: Texas Rig Worm/Creature Bait
Reaction Rod: Crankbait / Chatterbait
Hope this helps you on your next delta trip!

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