Clear Lake Fishing Report

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by RB Bass

Weather 46-77deg
Water Temps 57-67 deg
Water stained to 2 ft visability

With all the questions of how Clear Lake would be in 2018 we have some answers for you. 2017 had massive grass spraying and tons of Baitfish and Bass were killed. This left many people worried about the future of the lake. Clear Lake has had fish die offs for years, but there are still plenty of fish in the lake and some good ones too!

We ran to the North and had a few reaction bites right away but no fish in the boat. We continued North and had a few short bites flipping, but still no fish in the boat. We kept covering water then BOOM Steve Wilson Lands a chunky one. Continuing to the North the bite got tougher and the water was stained from State Park up. It was dirtier in the North. We picked up and continued to fish new areas, we found a area there were empty beds, and finally a few more fish made their way in the boat, they were puking up shad and their mouths were all red from rooting craws. The fish were extremely Fat , Like Bullards Bar Spotts, enormous bellies. 15″ fish were over 3lbs . This was a good sight to see, the bait fish are plentiful and the fish are healthy! We caught fish on Swimbaits, Senkos, Jigs, Shakey heads, Rip baits and more. Color was not a factor, finding a group of Active fish is the key, if you move around enough you will find the Bass. Then slow down and fish thoroughly. Fishing in 3-6ft was best for us. Clear Lake will be just fine the Fish are strong and healthy, do use some caution the lake level is much lower than last year and prior years. Practice catch and release during Spring months to protect the spawn. Look for Bass to be heading to typical spring areas such as Creeks, Marinas, Bays, coves and flat areas near deep water. Good Luck!

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