Slow for most at Almanor

Lake Almanor - CA (Plumas County)

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Surface temps at 71 degrees at mid-day. Clarity is excellent 17 to 19 ft. Lake Levels are dropping, the latest Lake levels from the Dept. of Water Resources as of 8/6 at the 4480.84 ft. elevation... 807,223 acre feet storage, both of these numbers are lower now. Air quality has improved after smoke from the Trinity fires that settled in over the region has now passed thru. A current independent report of water temps revealed that even 30 ft. down below the surface, its 68 degrees. Much warmer than usual for 30 ft. down.. Meaning less cold water in the deeper areas of Lake Almanor. More Rainbow Trout are showing alarmingly increased signs of coco pods..a warm water hitchhiking parasite, that are impacting this fragile fishery as cold bottom water is removed, and none coming in. The cold water release at Canyon Dam is drawing down warmer surface water. Compressing the fish deeper, where there's some relief. Just the first signs of what is to come if a Thermal Curtain is allowed here at Lake Almanor. The Moon phase is dark and feeding cycles have adjusted back to earlier in the morning, rather than later. Many boats, including mine, have been trolling the Big Springs to Hamilton Branch areas as that's where a little more cool water is available. Fish are deep most of the day, but are active in the top 20 ft. of water early. Massive schools of Smelt are scattered all over the entire east basin, and that,s where the best reports have been coming from. Also the west side of the peninsula from Bunell springs to Rec. 2 and north. While a few boats are running fast action gear, the majority of Trollers are trolling slow action presentations. Boats with lines in the water at first light are fairing better than boats showing up at 7:00. Dodger crawler combos, Flashers trailing Gulp smelt, are picking up fish from 12 inch planters to 4 lb. Rainbows and Browns. No Salmon reported this week, zero. Some Salmon were recently planted here, because we hooked a couple planters that were a tiny 5 inch Kings. They were so small that you got to wonder how many will survive here with Browns eating them like snack food. Rocky Point to the Fox Farm, along the old river bed is worth a little trolling time, a few big fish came out of this lane last week. Canyon Dam along the east shore, there,s smelt here, and there will be fish nearby. Lots of boats on anchor bait fishing and jigging, with not a lot of action reported, as one by one they pull anchor and start trolling. Big Springs, the cove in the back by the willow bushes, has been a hot spot. Get there early for a spot. Fishing pressure is light during the week and heavy on Saturdays. Best bank fishing has been inside the Hamilton Branch, has been for 8 weeks. Rainbows to 4 lbs.. All fish we checked were holding 95% smelt, and 5% insect material. Doug Neal: (530) 258-6732

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