San Francisco Bay - San Francisco, CA

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Fish Species: Barred Surfperch, Cabezon, California Halibut, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Great White Shark, Leopard Shark, Lingcod, Pacific Halibut, Sanddab, White Sturgeon, Starry Flounder, Steelhead, Striped Bass, Thresher Shark, Green Sturgeon

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
4-16-2019 Halibut Fishing Continues To Improve
The halibut fishing continues to improve, and the... more »
California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau
4-15-2019 Hot Bite Today!
Captain James Smith checked in tonight with another... more »
James Smith
4-14-2019 Wide Open Stripers
Captain James Smith checked in tonight with an... more »
James Smith
4-11-2019 Inaugural Trip = Pacific Dream
Today was the first trip for us on... more »
Jonathon Smith
4-7-2019 More Fish Showing Up
Some really great signs of more fish showing... more »
James Smith