Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - Yosemite, CA

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Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout

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I cherish the rainbows here. They’re much better sport than the browns. Simply hanging on for the ride, this wild rainbow launched 4’ out of the water and I’ll never forget the tail slaps. While fighting these fish, you forget to breathe.
Photo Credit: Phil Akers
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Photo Credit: Phil Akers
This brown trout has chomped on a few roach.
I’m unsure if the brown trout are descents of von Behr (German Brown), Loch Leven (Scotch Trout), or both. Both strains are listed as being introduced way back in the day, and hatcheries are on record of rearing both. Though some are more colorful than others, biologists say the trout are likely a mix.
Photo Credit: Phil Akers

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