Weekly Report

For the week of May 11, 2020

Bay Area

No reports for this week!

Central California

Santa Margarita Lake: Santa Margarita Fishing Report: Crappie are deep... more »
Santa Margarita Lake Staff 805-438-1522 (Updated 2020-05-13)

Central Sierra

Donner Lake: Trophy Mackinaw caught and released : From 2015 to... more »
Shaun Rainsbarger‎ (530) 802-4484 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Indian Creek Reservoir: Indian Creek Reservoir Report: The campgrounds are... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Lake Tahoe: Beautiful Morning on The Lake: Hooked Up Sportfishing out... more »
Hans Moxley (530) 546-2221 (Updated 2020-05-16)
Lake Tahoe Report: All boat ramps are still closed. But with... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Hooked Up Sportfishing Fishing on Lake Tahoe: Hooked Up Sportfishing out of Carnelian Bay in Lake Tahoe checked... more »
Hans Moxley (530) 546-2221 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Silver Lake: Silver Lake Fishing Report: The lake has... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)

Central Valley Rivers

Sacramento River - Lower: Big rainbow time on the Sacramento River!: Captain Justin Thompson... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2020-05-14)
On the fly on the Lower Sac.: I had the pleasure to fish with good... more »
Gary Heffley (Updated 2020-05-12)


No reports for this week!

Eastern Sierra

Blue Lake Upper: Road is Open: The road is... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Burnside Lake: Road is Closed : The road is... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Caples Lake: Caples Lake Report: The lake was... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
East Carson River (CA): River is Running A Little High: Opens to fishing... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Silver Creek CA: Flows Have Been Fluctuating: The flows have... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Topaz Lake: Topaz Lake Fishing Report: The water level... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)
Truckee River: Truckee River Fishing Report: Truckee River  We are... more »
Reno Fly Shop (775) 323-3474 (Updated 2020-05-14)
Truckee River Fishing Report: Little cooler this week on the Truckee River. Raining... more »
Matt Koles (775) 351-6665 (Updated 2020-05-12)
West Carson River (CA): West Carson River Fishing Report: Open to fishing... more »
Doug Busey (775) 267-9722 (Updated 2020-05-15)


No reports for this week!

North Coast

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir: Where to Fish?: With the COVID-19 restrictions... more »
E.B. Duggan (530) 629-3554 (Updated 2020-05-17)


Monterey Bay: Monterey Bay Fishing Report: Want to know... more »
Allen Bushnell (Updated 2020-05-15)
Berkeley Charter Boats: 12 Limits of Salmon Today: 12 LIMITS of... more »
Scott Sutherland (Updated 2020-05-16)
California Dawn Sportfishing: Excellent Fishing: Captain James Smith... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-05-17)
Solid Fishing Today: Solid fishing today and over 2 fish around! 20... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-05-16)
Day 2 is in the Books!: Captain James Smith checked in today with an... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-05-16)
Amazing First Day Back on The Water!: We had an amazing first day back on... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-05-15)
Finally Open For Business: Finally! Open for business! We will be offering open... more »
James Smith (Updated 2020-05-14)
SooHoo Sportfishing: Friday fish day!: What a fun... more »
Jeffrey SooHoo (Updated 2020-05-15)
Family fun!: One brother caught his personal best, the other... more »
Jeffrey SooHoo (Updated 2020-05-12)


Baum Lake: Baum Lake access now open: The parking lot... more »
Gary Heffley (Updated 2020-05-16)
Intermountain Update: With PG&E, Forest Service, State Parks and many... more »
Gary Heffley (Updated 2020-05-12)
Klamath River - Middle: Fly Fishing Paradise : Plenty of trout... more »
Mario Gomez (530) 598-0530 (Updated 2020-05-17)
Shasta Lake: Dinner Plate Trout - Shasta Lake: Beautiful Shasta Lake... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2020-05-17)
Shasta lake is still producing big rainbow trout: This morning we had a big temperature drop... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2020-05-16)
Epic Spotted Bass Fishing!: Wow the last couple days we've landed over... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2020-05-15)
“Thrill of All Thrills”: The third of May is a date that... more »
Gary Heffley (Updated 2020-05-14)
Time to book your Shasta Lake trout trip!: Shasta Lake has come into its own early... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2020-05-14)
Big Rainbows and Lots of Kings!: This morning we started off with 2 rainbows... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2020-05-13)
Cold, wet day on Shasta Lake.: The cold front rolled in this morning and... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2020-05-11)
Siskiyou Lake: Picture Perfect Lake Siskiyou : 5/15/20 - Lake... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2020-05-16)
Mother's Day on Lake Siskiyou: It was fantastic Mother's day on Lake Siskiyou... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2020-05-11)

Sierra Foothills

Collins Lake: Collins Lake Fishing Report: Brady Blankenship, from... more »
Collins Lake Staff (800) 286-0576 (Updated 2020-05-16)
Don Pedro Reservoir: Lake Don Pedro Fishing Report by Christian Ostrander: Water Temp: 68  Pedro... more »
RB Bass (Updated 2020-05-14)
Lake Amador: Lake Amador Solo Trip: Lake Amador 5/7/20... more »
Lake Amador Staff (209) 274-4739 (Updated 2020-05-12)
New Melones Reservoir: Bite is On at New Melones : After a 30... more »
Glory Hole Sports Staff (209) 736-4333 (Updated 2020-05-11)

Wine Country North

Clear Lake: Clear Lake Fishing Report by Mike Rogers: Date: May 11,... more »
RB Bass (Updated 2020-05-14)