New Melones Reservoir Fish Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

The average water temperature is a very warm 72-80 degrees.  The lake is stained with mud lines forming near the shore in the afternoon.   

Trout: Good.  The fish have moved out to deeper/cooler water. The fish are feeding in 40-60' of water on main lake points near the old river channel.  Night fishing anglers are catching limits of fat healthy trout under a submersible light.   Try anchoring the boat in 40-50' of water, and dropping the light 15-25' feet down.  Be patient, it may take awhile for the light to attract plankton, baitfish, and trout.  To catch them, try using live minnows, mini jigs, Power Bait, and crawlers. Trolling anglers should target trout in 40-60' of water. The trout are feeding heavily on 2-4" shad. Try using the larger size Needlefish and Excel spoons.  Kokanee: Fair.  Anglers are catching most of their fish in the early morning and picking up a few here and there throughout the afternoon.  There are a lot of schools of kokanee holding tight to cover.  Try fishing near deep under water points and humps.  Most of the fish are being caught from 65-95' on the main lake near the dam, spillway, and Rose Island. Try using lures that produce vibration.  Spinners and hoochies with Colorado blades will draw fish from a distance.  Try using an Uncle Larry's Spinner with a gold or copper blade.  Or, a Mag Tackle Mini Mag with a painted blade. Pink, purple, and green Apex and hoochies have also been producing some nice fish.  Larger gold, copper, and painted dodgers and sling blades seem to work best in deep water.  There are many blades that need light to draw out color, U.V., and reflective qualities.  There is very little light penetration in deep water. Be sure tip your hooks with shoe peg corn and add extra scent to your blades and baits.      


Bass:  Fair.  Early morning bite has been good.  The fish are primarily feeding on large balls of shad.  Anglers should try using shad patterned top water baits in the morning and switching to shad patterned soft plastics as sun comes up.  There has been a good jig bite.   Glory Hole Sports  (209) 736-4333

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