In a nut shell Lake Oroville is a tough bite right now.

Lake Oroville - Oroville, CA (Butte County)

by Bob Tyler

by RB Bass Fishing

Lake Oroville Fishing Reports
Water temps are in the high sixty's to low seventy's on average and gin clear except the areas with heavy boat traffic stirring up the red clay. The lake level is low but no longer dropping fished with Dan Wells today, a well known local Pro from the area and got a lesson on commitment. Dan showed me there are good top water bites to be had, you just really have to work for them. I on the other hand am more of a Drop-shot and Dart-head kinda guy. Both of these technics offered up steady action off of main Lake points and island tops but on size to them at all. If your fun fishing this is the ticket but for the tournament guys reading this,Leave your cull beam on the deck it's gonna get a work out.We also gave the jig a chance to show off today but had no luck,however when you fish Lake Oroville you have to have a jig tied on. The jig can defenilty be a player on Oroville. Last but not least we also threw spinner baits and crank baits along the mud lines after they developed. Mud lines can be pretty good ambush points for large roaming fish.All in All we caught alot of fish and had a great day.

Good Luck Bob Tyler

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