Stimed early Bob Tyler & Rob Howe go to a drop-shot & pull off a 6th place finish

California Delta

by Bob Tyler

Delta Fishing Report

Delta Fishing Report July 28, 2013

Today myself and Ron Howe fished a Stockton Bass tournament out of Ladds. We started our day a short run North by throwing frog's and buzz baits. The water was a bit stained and in the mid to high eighty's. The conditions could not have been better on paper, but as we all know Bass don't read, thus our effort's went unrewarded. Part of our game plan was to cover alot of water and that's just what we did. Flipping, throwing a red crank bait and all the while mixing in the frog. We kept this up until about 9:00 and only had a couple of short strikes to show for it. So what does Bobby Tyler do?

That's right, I pick up the drop-shot rigged with a six inch morning dawn robo worm and start wrecking-em. We had to weed through several short's but had a few nice ones as well with the best one going six and one half pounds. This quick change in plan loaded the boat quickly as fish were in current near ledges. We finished the day with a fifteen pound plus bag that placed us in sixth place. The big fish of the tourney was a eleven pounder caught on a frog. The Delta is always fun on a summer day. Every single cast has the potential to be the Bass of a life time.

Good Luck Bob Tyler

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