Lots of action on Collins Lake for many different species

Collins Lake - Browns Valley, CA (Yuba County)

by Collins Lake Staff

Last week on Friday, Fish & Game brought us a generous 2,000 lbs. of trout (double plant) with 3,000 fish count. The weekend crowd had a ball either fishing from shore or trolling there were lots of trout and bass caught. This week we are receiving another double PRIVATE PLANT of large catchable Rainbows but I can't tell you the exact day!

Denise & Quent caught 4 Bass & 2 Trout trolling with worms around 20? down. Little Madeline McKinnon, pictured above lucked into a beautiful trout from her campsite using chartruese PowerBait. Bob Deloach & Pete Henderson from Lincoln, Ca. trolled their norm which is around 40? down and took home 4 trout and 2 bass.

Our littlest fisherman this week, Zenon Jacobs, Photo #1 from Dixon, Ca. is wearing his Lucky Collins Lake Hat which helped him catch his first Redear Sunfish using a worm by the dam. Trenton, Jose, & Diego from Dixon, Ca. used lures and Powerbait to hook their 6 Rainbows down by the bridge.

Probhat's son & his son's new wife and newest member to the Palma Tribe, (Joya Palma), Photo #2 caught her 1st Collins Lake Bass under Probhat's guidance!! Together they caught two Bass and a huge Redear Sunfish while the newlyweds were visiting from Maryland!

Dave Callison, Photo #3 caught a 5 lb. Bass from a boat near the dam on a worm! Ethan & Deedee, Photo #7 brought up a 4 lb. 12 oz. Cat. which they caught on an anchovie and the next day returned with a nice trout with a FREE ice cream TAG on it which they hooked from the Water's Edge group camping area on green Powerbait.

Lance, Dan, Makala, Jade, Madalynn & Jennifer of Marysville fished by the bridge using worms and took a stringer of 7 trout home. Papa Joe, Dylan & Brian of Antioch hooked 6 Rainbows while trolling with Needlefish all over the lake. The Needlefish they used were fire tiger design. Perhaps the "cutest trio" ever was Lily, Lacy, and Lany Parsons, Photo #4 and they brought a nice stringer up for their photo which included one catfish and 6 trout. They were in a boat by the dam using either PowerBait or worms they said.

Scott Adams came all the way from Bodega Bay to catch Collins Lake Trout! Scott fished in his "secret spot" and used his favorite bait (nightcrawlers) and hooked 3 nice Rainbows.Dave, Jeanne, & Loreen, Photo #5 from San Francisco fished with Roboworms in the brush on the east side and caught a LIMIT of Bass about 15? from the surface. Paul Johnson from Pinole was jigging in Elmer's Cove and got a little suprise when he caught a trout instead of a bass!

Cynthia Bird, Photo #6 caught a 5 lb. 8 oz. Catfish on the dam while fishing with green sparkle PowerBait.

Additional Photos:
Photo #8:
Ron Imperiale with a very nice Striped Bass
Photo #9: Chris Simpson with his Bass

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