Lake Chabot Trout fishing is slow, Bass fishing is on the rise, & Catfish action has slowed

Lake Chabot - Castro Valley, CA (Alameda County)

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FREE Fishing Day - Sat, Sept 7 On Saturday September 7th, 2013 is FREE Fishing Day! No fishing license or permit is required to fish here at Lake Chabot.

HALF OFF ALL BOAT RENTALS (including Patio Boats!) Tuesday -- Thursday (non-holidays)

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This upcoming weekend we are expecting the weather to be in the high 80's low 90's. This is great for catfish, especially during the twilight hours. With this warm weather pattern, it's going to make catfish a lot more active during the day and especially at night. The water clarity has been great in the past few weeks with about a 15 foot visibility but at the same time the algae is starting to bloom over the shallow parts of the lake. Since the beginning of summer, we have planted a little over 5,000 lbs of catfish. The last plant was on September 3, 780lbs. of catfish from Mt. Lassen.

When you bring in your big fish, we will take your picture and give you a "Lake Chabot Whopper Club" button. If you catch a whopper over 8 lbs (trout), 10 lbs (catfish) or 5 lbs (bass), you will also receive a Lake Chabot whopper mug. For beginning anglers, if you have any questions on what to use, please come down to the Marina and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you get set up for fishing adventure. Boating has been picking up more and more during the summer months, if you're looking to take out a boat, the best time to come out is in the morning or early afternoon. As mentioned before, the wind picking up in the late afternoon has caused us to give out warnings or not send out kayaks, rows or electric boats.

We now offer food delivery to your boat! Call the marina place and order for $25 or more and it will be brought to your boat.

Fish Plants
Our latest catfish plant was on September 3, 2013 with 780 lbs from Mt. Lassen. We only have a couple more catfish plants schedule for this summer and as soon as the water temperature cools down we will start planting trout again. They will plant right next to the marina on the west shore trail.
We won't get our first trout plant for fall until late September or early October.

Fishing Hotspots Map (PDF)
Download Fishing Hotspots Map (PDF). Last updated September 3, 2013.

Trout fishing is extremely slow right now, and it won't start to pick up until the water cools down. For now, make sure to use bait that is bright to lure the fish in and if you're going to be trolling, the best lures to use are Firetiger Rapalas, Kastmasters and Mirashads. As we get closer to summer the water will begin to warm up, so if your trolling make sure to use some split shot about 18 inches away the lure. When they do start to pick up, chartreuse and rainbow Powerbait will be the best baits to catch trout! When trolling, make sure to let out about a hundred feet of line and let the motor do all the work but also be wary of other anglers on the shoreline so your lines don't get caught!

Bass fishing has been on the rise! Bass are currently suspended about 10-15 feet deep. If you are fishing for bass, they are hitting mostly in the early mornings and evenings mostly on plastics, jigs and hula grubs. Near the island or the tulles by Raccoon Point are always a good spot to fish for bass. Silver Rainbow Flukes are also doing really well with 3/0 wide shank hook. Several reports of bass anglers using swimbaits are getting a lot of follows but can't seem to pull them out of Half Moon Bay. Livewells can be provided upon request thanks to Walton's Pond. Please practice catch and release for bass, as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!

Catfishing slowed down a little for anglers fishing off boats, but fishing at night is starting to pick up. The first dock on the west shore trail is starting to pick up. Reports of several nice size catfish are getting pulled out the night of the fish plant. This dock tends to get pretty packed at night so make sure to come early to claim your spot. Water temperature will determine how active catfishing will be. The warmer the water the more active they will be, especially at night. Typically around this time of the year, catfish are going to be located by Raccoon point, behind the island, back by the dam and bass cove during the day. Anglers fishing at night are doing fairly well fishing near the marina at night especially on the first and second docks.

Anglers are using mackerel, anchovies and chicken liver for bait. With the hot weather coming later on this week catfishing should be great this upcoming Friday through Sunday!

Monday -- Thursday
Boat rentals are 6:00am -- 4:00pm
Boats due in by 5:00pm

Friday -- Sunday
Boat rentals are 6:00am -- 5:00pm
Boats due in by 6:00pm

Hours subject to change based on weather conditions and light levels.

We encourage all anglers to report their stories, comments, or concerns to the Marina. Or, email Thanks again for choosing Lake Chabot as your recreation destination.

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