Sturgeon catches were the norm aboard Flash Sportfishing, Steve has some openings

by Steve Talmadge
(510) 851-2500

Well sportsmen after a few days of hurricane force winds I was able to get back on the water fishing again. Yesterday I had a gentleman from Canada that chartered the boat for himself as a private charter. He landed his 1st 2 Sturgeon and a keeper bass. There was one short sturgeon and one that was just on the line as a keeper but all fish were released.

Today we had 4 fishermen and we had some very good sturgeon fishing. We had 7 solid opportunities hooked 5 fish landed 4. Ray landed a very nice sturgeon that was very very close but released. Kelly joined us for her birthday today and hooked her very 1st sturgeon. After a very good fight and an acrobatic show she landed a beautiful 59 inch sturgeon. Bob hooked a very nice fish that was screening line off the reel and after a few minutes he pulled the hook. Later he regained himself and hooked another surgeon and managed to land that one after a great fight and it went 51 inches.

All the surgeon took just plane grass shrimp and were hooked in 30 feet of water near the Benicia Bridge and up by buoy 4. The best bite was during the incoming tide. I am full tomorrow, Sunday and Tuesday. I have some room on Saturday and Monday. The sturgeon season is ending on a great note so far. I have 2 weeks left. Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge

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Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA

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