The fish turned on during the outgoing tide & Flash Sportfishing had a great fishing day

by Steve Talmadge
(510) 851-2500

Well Sportsmen what a difference a day makes. You know when everything just clicks, well that is what happened today. The fish really turned on during the outgoing tide and my crew and I did great. We landed 8 sturgeon, 3 flounders and 3 bass. One really good 10lb bass and 4 of the 8 sturgeon were good keepers to 70lbs. I had a crew from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. They had today off from a local refinery. The fish were very aggressive, jumped and held their own. The 2 largest sturgeon were both hooked up at the same time. It was a great experience and very exciting. And to my gentlemen crews credit every sturgeon was released to fight another day. We were near buoy 2 in 22 feet of water. The 2 largest sturgeon took eel and grass shrimp combo. Everything else took JPS (just plain grass shrimp). I canceled tomorrows trip due to wind. I will be back on the water Thursday. Good tides and water temperature hit 60 degrees. I will stick to the sturgeon fishing until April 27th. Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge

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Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA

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