Collins Lake Trout Stocking program & other fishing news

Collins Lake - Browns Valley, CA (Yuba County)

by Collins Lake Staff

We began our Fall Trout stocking program the week of 10/22 with private plants (big fish)!! The lake conditions and weather conditions are ideal with the cooling trend we just experienced this week. Half of the load are considered catchables and the other 1/2 will be trophy sized fish. Shore fishing is expected to pick up as a result of the cooler weather and the best bait to use is Powerbait, Power Eggs, or worms. Trollers are still using shad type lures since the threadfin shad have already started their annual fall trek. Another system trollers use often is a threaded nightcrawler with a speck of Powerbait on the hook. Fall trout plants will end the week of Thanksgiving and will give anglers a great chance of catching trout all winter until the Spring Planting begins again around the middle of February.


*On the 14th of Nov. a Wednesday we need help to fill our net pens*

*F & G will be bringing us fish to fill our pens where we raise trout to be planted in the springtime in addition to all other stocking programs. We transfer the fish from 5 gallon buckets to their net pens and could use help from anyone who would like to participate in that project. Be here @ 9am for coffee and get your free ice cream on your way home!!

Nathan Balassi and his family camped for a few days and took home some nice Rainbows which they hooked while trolling approx. 30 ft. down using a threaded nightcrawler with a dodger.

Aaron Dillon, pictured above of Vacaville fished up near the bridge and hooked an 18? trout on a worm then tried his luck by the dam without any luck. Most fishermen that caught fish by the dam this past week were fishing in the corner of the dam by the spillway using Powerbait with a lot of success.

Dale Egbert, Photo #1 "cleaned up" the CATFISH in a major way! He caught 2 cats @ 6-3/4 lb. and a 5 pounder, a 4 pounder, and one that was less than 2 pounds using Anchovies. Not sure where he was, he didn't say!

6 yr old Austin Welter, Photo #2 of Elk Grove camped with Papa Rick Ward this week and together they hooked a Rainbow trout using orange powerbait from their site. Austin's 1st Fish (that's an important one).
Even though the lake is further down than most of you remember from the springtime, fishing should be picking up real soon with the plants and the cooler weather but you may have to walk a little further to the water.

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