Smith River Skunken

Smith River - Smith River, CA (Del Norte County)

by Phil Desautels
(707) 487-0260

I had a single fishermen yesterday. He was a pretty good stick , but the fish gods were not on his side. We had three Steelhead bites, bait and Fishpill got stripped and we missed all of them. We hooked one at Ruby Park, it went upriver then down river then back up river. It was a king and it was big! After 30 minutes of of the fish came llose, we never got a look at it but we both knew we had just lost a nice one. We ended up with a great story but no fish.

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The Smith River is showing signs of a good Steelhead season. Yesterday everyboat that we saw or talked to had fish. We had 4 bites and gor two fish, one native released and one hatchery Steelhead that was kept. There are still a few King Salmon in the river, my guys tomarrow are more interested in them then the Steelhead. We will see what happens. ...... Read More

Well the last big rain brought in the first batch of Steelhead. Yesterday we side drifted for Steelhead all day and caught and released two native Steelhead 11 and 14 pounds as well as we released an old 20 pound King Salmon. King Salmon fishing is on it's last days and we will be Steelhead fishing for now until March....... Read More