Bringing it home to Moss Landing!!

Bringing it home to Moss Landing!!

by Joey Stagnaro


Bringing it home to Moss Landing!!

The new owners Nate and Angie Lackey are so excited to have the Kahuna back where it belongs- Moss Landing!

Captained by the well respected Joey Stagnaro and Kevin Kline as the deck hand we are thrilled to welcome you back aboard the Moss Landing Favorite!

Nate & Angie Lackey

Nate and Angie both are multi-generation Santa Cruzans. The two of them have been together since high school and have raised their four children with the sound of the sea as a constant.

Both of Nate's grandfathers served in the Navy furning WWII. He grew up hearing their stories, one of them was a Pearl Harbor survivor, He admired them greatly for their service. Some of his fondest childhood memories were fishing with his grandpa on his boat. Angie's first time ocean fishing was with Nate's grandpa. When the opportunity to purchase the Kahuna came his way Nate and Angie felt there was no better way to honor both of his grandfathers than to share the love of the sea with others as it had been shared with them. When not around the Kahuna you can find Nate at the firehouse where he works full time and Angie at Cirque, Tumble, Cheer, a business they own where they get to  share their love of circus teaching circus arts to children and adults. 

Welcome Aboard!

Captain Joe "Joey" Stagnaro.

Joey also comes from a multi-generational Santa Cruz family. When it comes to fishing seawater runs in his veins!

Joey started his career on the Monterey Bay in 1985. Joey has crewed for some of Monterey Bay's best-known legends.  Joey still has a passion for giving his customers the best opportunity to find the fish that they desire. He and his crew are poised to get the Kahuna out to the grounds.

 F.Y.I. Joey's door is always open. Feel free to ask him about any tips that could help catch either Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, etc. 

Captain Joey would like to welcome you aboard the Kahuna.

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (831) 633-2564 to get in on the action.

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Captain Rod Stoltz
J&M Sportfishing
Monterey, CA

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