RB Bass Outdoors Angler Tre Dodd With A Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

RB Bass Outdoors Angler Tre Dodd With A Lake Camanche Fishing Report
Photo Credit: RB Bass

by RB Bass

Angler Tre Dodd with a lake Camanche fishing and lake conditions report.
Lake Camanche
Clear and windy
Water Temp: 49-51*
Water Clarity: Light muddy to stained

Finally got out to prefish for a NorCal Bass, Lake Series tournament coming up the following weekend. Got a late start to the morning. Arrived at the ramp on the north shore around 8am. Went to my first spot I wanted to start at in the main body of water. Started the day off using a ½oz football Bass Union Finesse Jig. It was nice to see the water level up it’s been a couple years. Water wasn’t to stained in the main body, with about 2-3’ visibility. As I worked the point and down the bank in 5-30’, just trying to cover water. Didn’t have any bites, so I tried the riprap walls with a crankbait. No bites! Water temps where 49-51*. I tried a few more spots, but nothing was productive.

started to think where these fish could be. I thought of a spot that might have something there. I headed through the narrows to my next spot. Started working the bank and still didn’t have any luck. I then made the decision to fish offshore and within a few casts I landed my first fish at 2plus. Ok I might be on to something. A few more casts boom another solid 2plus pushing 3. Started covering water and picked up a few more 2 plus pounders. These fish are still deep, I think the first wave of fish are moving up.

I went to a few more spots with rock. Found some bait and got a few more bites. I wanted to check one last spot where I’ve done good at hoping to see some fish on the Garmin livescope. Not much there. So I wrapped up my day with about 12 plus for 5 fish and had something to work with on next Saturday. I caught all my fish on a Dobyns 703c ChampionXP and 743c Kaden with Fishkool 10# fluorocarbon and a 1/2oz Bass Union Finesse football jig with a dbl tail grub.


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