Last week was Full of Lightnings!

Collins Lake - Browns Valley, CA

Last week was Full of Lightnings!
Photo Credit: Collins Lake

by Collins Lake Staff

With weekly fall plants starting up in the last week of October and with surface temperatures taking a plunge from 72°F a month ago down to the current 62°F, trout are back on the line. Dan Mateo and Mark Evans trolled Kastmasters and Powerbait, the shallowest we’ve heard this fall, only 10ft down, and they caught a double limit of trout including four trophy Lightning Trout.

We have been putting clients on BIG rainbows consistently this week. With water temperatures in the low 60s, the trout are really starting to come alive. Our most consistent offerings have been grubs and small plastic worms trolled at 1.8-2.5MPH in the top 15’ of the water column. Big trout have been hitting pink and orange trolling flies in the top 5’.

The bite has been better as the sun gets overhead, with solid action continuing into the late afternoon. Our biggest fish this week exceeded 12 pounds, with several others in the 6-10 pound range.

Here’s a few smiles Wes sent us of folks holding up some beautiful Golden Rainbows:

Cal & Wes have fished Collins Lake for many years, If you’re looking for a guided trip or some on-the-water instruction & experience they are currently booking trips from now through May next year. See


We were happy to see that many of these trophy sized trout made it out to the main channel and out toward the dam. (I’m sure many of you are familiar with the shoreline and the dropoff behind Cal in the picture above)

As you may know trout coming off a very cold truck and hitting much warmer surface waters can give them quite a shock. A farmed fish can stall out on the warm shoreline, and there can be quite a bit of attrition, even dead fish within minutes of planting.

Fortunately once they discover the thermocline and cooler waters their survivability goes way up! Moreover they don’t waste any time, taking advantage of what must seem like an endless run, spreading out all over the lake.

We’re excited to continue planting through the winter while temperatures are best for trout to settle in. Our hope is not only the given, that we’ll see better winter fishing, but also that some trout, and even some trophy lightning trout, will winter over and make for an early, extended and exciting spring season!

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