Eagle Lake Fishing Report

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Valerie Aubrey

Kayaked yesterday. Did very well out from pikes & the jetty. Basically, fishing/catching is fired up. Red/gold Thomas buoyants & rainbow trout flickershad were hot for us. Surface temp's were 49-51.8F. Breezy. Storms are on their way. Big winds forecast along with a little more snow. We'll see what we get but just be happy to get any moisture. After any form of moisture falls and skies clear up a bit, expect frozen fog in the pond. We'll see how well the ramp fares after the next northerly blow this week. Boats have been getting in although it's been skinny all the way. Hang in there. Check wind directions & speeds. Roads are in good shape after the last storm. A1 was icy down the grade into the 15mph turn we call chrome corner. So regardless of warmer temps today drying things out a bit, get ready. Carry chains. 4x4 on ice doesn't always cut the mustard climbing uphill. Also remember that there's absolutely no reason to drive 55 if you have to be in four wheel drive. Fish are biting most all day, a few extra minutes to get here is worth the wait. Might see some low temps in the low teens...possibly high single digits up here for low temps in a few days. Dress appropriately. It will warm up to freezing that day.  ps) cold temps & old boat batteries don't match up well.

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