Fishing has been quite good for trollers

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Valerie Aubrey

Fishing has been quite good for trollers. Pikes pt & out from the marina and the east side up to miners point producing the most numbers. West side has been spotty, however, everything we get to us in our kayaks has been 3lbs or over. Youth Camp still putting out a few, but dangerous trek for novices as well as experienced Eagle Lakers. You don't have to go that far for a nice fish! 7-9ft and 9-12ft have been producing. 20-47ft of water. Most any depth of water on the east side to Black Mtn including shore fishing...the ledge is very close to shore now off The Springs so easy cast to deep water as well as bouncing the ledge itself, long walk. But consistently worth it most days. Night crawlers & lures (red/gold T. Buoyant is #1, red gold speedy shiners, hot orange trolling flies (small), jigs... just might need to set a wee bit deeper than normal). Fly fishing from shore in the south basin (west side structure) hasn't quite turned on yet. Christie has been spotty. Still need some depth. As a note, I found a lot of small boatman's mixed in with orange scuds & daphnia in bellies this week off the west side. They can get tough when boatman's & toe-biters get in the mix . Lake temp mid 50's. Storm is on its way. Don't get caught in the winds! Lake will still be here after the storm passes & a good stormy mix up will only help it go from better to best!! Time to carry snow chains if traveling...395 is always a bear in high winds. Chances are any moisture on the roads will be frozen at certain times. It's early for a big dump of snow here & we might not get anything at all ur just rain (if we're lucky!) Lol just slow down. But I'm counting on a little moisture & icy roads early & for more than a little!! Wind & stormy weather will be good for the lake. Stay safe out there! I'll be back out later this week.

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