RB Bass Angler Richard Witham With A Lake Berryessa Fishing Report

Lake Berryessa - Winters, CA (Napa County)

RB Bass Angler Richard Witham With A Lake Berryessa Fishing Report

by RB Bass

Lake Berryessa
Air temp: 63-99
Water temp: 72-77
Water: stained with 3-4 foot visibility
Wind: 3-6mph

Took a trip out this weekend to Lake Berryessa with my Dad. Launched the boat at Markley
Cove from their low water ramp. Still plenty of water just takes a bit more time. Their staff keep it
pretty organized in the afternoons when the ramp gets busy, just bring your patience.
We made a short run to one of my usual spots I like to check. I threw a spook to start out and
had my dad throw a smaller glide bait. Spook got hit and got us our first fish of the morning a
few casts in. Came off a point inside a cove. Had me thinking it was going to be a great day.
Couldn’t pick up another spook bite so switched over to a whopper plopper. Threw that around
for 20 minutes or so with only one bite right at the boat as I started to burn it back in, missed
connecting with that fish.

Continued down the bank in that cove still having my dad throw the glide bait. While I was
trying to figure out what they might like. Dad had a good one come after the glide right at the
boat and it hit the bait out of the water. Stuck around that spot for a few minutes to see if we
could get it to come back, with no luck.

Made a run out to Putah Creek to see if we could find a little cooler water but it was only about
one degree cooler then where we started (72*). Dad was hooked on throwing that glide after the
one missing it. I started throwing a deep diving crank bait around some steeper rock walls. Got
one bite and it broke me off. Continued in that area with no other luck.

Made the run back into the narrows and found some mud lines in a cove that wasn’t too busy. I
picked up an underspin with a 3.8 keitech on it. Threw that around the edge of the mud lines
and grass edges and picked up a few more fish. I would have continued to throw that the rest of
the afternoon but we made it a short day and headed back in about 12:30pm. It’s still fishing a
little slow but starting to pick up.

RB Bass angler Richard Witham

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