Delta Fishing Report by Jacob Swaim

California Delta

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RB Bass

by RB Bass

Hi guys Jacob here and just wanted to give a report for how my day on the delta went on February 16th.  The day started with a high outgoing tide that and was gonna last almost all day so I ran to the first spot central delta so I could get there with the first hour of outgoing. I had cloud cover and overcast skies but it was kinda warm out with no wind early so I threw reaction baits to find the active fish and picked up a couple on a chatterbait but nothing big. Typically for this time of year they’re positioned on outside tules that are off the main bank. Then ran to the next spot with the same kinda tules and no current going by and a lil warmer water by a degree and threw a spinnerbait and slow rolled it bumping tules and incorporated rod and reel twitches and that was the ticket for the first good fish of the day. Then I took that and repeated the pattern with chatterbaits and spinnerbaits on all the offshore tules in the area and worked that till I felt like I caught all the active reaction bait fish that were willing to chase. Then I threw a  wacky rigged senko and picked up a few more small bucks. The bite slowed down a bit so I ran to another spot kinda north delta and repeated the blade and chatterbait pattern with some success and again threw senkos to find the stragglers. I couldn’t find much of a flip bite but they were more than willing to chase moving baits and that’s always a plus during this cold time of year. Hope it helps and good luck y’all and tight lines!!! Also make sure to like and follow RBBASS for the newest reports and updates with some of the top guys from around the delta and local lakes.

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