Crazy Catfish Catching

Collins Lake - Browns Valley, CA (Yuba County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Collins Lake Staff

by Collins Lake Staff

It’s rare at Collins Lake for catfish to steal the headlines but this time it is very well deserved.  Hilario Sandoval of Vacaville is a long time Collins Lake fisherman, who saw all the recent catfish and decided he had to get up here and get a line in the water right away. Tuesday August 27th, he sat out in front of Campsite #116, hook baited with chicken liver.  Around 9pm there was a tug at line, and on the other end was this humongous catfish, which topped out our calibrated scale.  By the time we got a bigger scale on site the fish was gutted and cleaned.

I know it’s always a point of contention, guessing at weights, but I’d put this one at no less than 28 pounds, which would have been a lake record had we gotten an official weight.  Sandoval’s penchant for catching catfish isn’t just a matter of dumb luck, the next night he caught two more whiskerfish, 3.5 & 7.5lbs, but the biggest one of all will remain the stuff of legend & lore…. how much do you think it weighs?

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