Crab Opener on the New Salmon Queen

by Leigh Rowan
(510) 652-3403

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Craig (aka Shim) on his beautiful New Salmon Queen out of Emeryville Sportfishing. 24 other anglers and I boarded the boat on Sunday AM - the first day of nice weather in the Bay Area in about a week, and the first day that the fleet was able to get out and take a whack at their crab pots - to fish Rockfish and Dungeness Crab at the Farallon Islands. Captain Shim and his mighty crew (kudos to master deckhand Tony, and his accomplice Chris) led us through the bumpy Golden Gate out to a beautiful day of sunny skies and limits all-around. We started and stayed at North Island, picking up lots of mixed Black, Chucklehead, Quillback, and other assorted Rockfish, as well as a handful of small- and keeper Lingcod, and even a random SFR mascot, a California Whitefish! After sacking limits all around, we headed inside to pull on our crab pots. Most of the pots were filled to the rim with beautiful Dungeness that'll be filling my freezer and fridge for a few weeks to come! Read on and see first-hand some of the great success we had -- as we always do -- fishing with Northern California's best out of Emeryville Sportfishing. A huge thanks to Captain Shim, his great crew of Tony and Chris, and the other fun anglers aboard the New Salmon Queen who made our Sunday Rockfish/Crab Opener a real success! Keep on fishin, and keep those lines tight! - Leigh Rowan, SFR Northern California boat report guy

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Pacific Pearl

Captains Joe Hobbs Jr. & Matt Rossi
Fish Emeryville
Emeryville, CA

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