Striped Bass Are The Highlight of The Week

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by Del Valle Marina
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The lake temperature out here at Del Valle is reaching 70 degrees as the striped bass become the highlight of the week many of our anglers are limiting out on stripers in the early morning, the stripers are mostly being caught on the topwater action spook jrs. or pencil poppers early in the morning, later in the day you might want to switch to a fluke or a sub-surface jerkbait. The striped bass are chasing the shad near the top of the water. Alternatively, you can use anchovies as bait or the tried and true mackerel bait tossing these baits along the points on shore or driving the bait along the shorelines or rockfalls if you are fishing from shore the hetch hetchy group campsite is one of the best places to striper fish from shore. You can two bait or lures at hetch hatchy.

The large and smallmouth bass are also moving right now since its spring time they are being really biting well on Texas rigged senkos the black holo color seems to be the best color to use the bass seem specifically keyed on these baits nightcrawlers are also a favored bait to use fishing for the bass you are going to want to target the weed patches or fallen trees in the water. The bass are usually eating the worms on the drop. You can also use mid-sized swimbaits or try throwing Kastmasters to get the bass to eat, many are being caught in the coves that dot the shore.

The catfish bite is slow but steady, many cats are hanging along the cattails moving with the carp if you can find a carp you can probably find a catfish. The most popular baits to use for the catfish are chicken liver, mackerel, anchovies or sardines.

The trout are in their last few weeks of the season the trout many of our anglers are having good luck with the small trout worms or you can use the garlic scented or corn yellow powerbait to get these fish on your line, you can fish from the east beach from shore or if you have a boat fishing the sandy beached along the lower narrows.

The perch fishing is also doing well the redworms are their favored bait many of out perch are being caught in the weed mats that can be found along the shoreline the east beach is also a good place to try for the perch if you don’t get a quick bite just recast the perch out here are aggressive!

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The lake temperature out here at Del Valle is still hovering in the mid to low 60’s in the morning but later in the day going as high as 68! With the trout out here giving their last push before the water temperature rises too high. The next week or two is looking like mild weather so expect these trout to hang around for awhile longer. The trout are gunning hard for shad imitations, spoons and Kastmasters work well for...... Read More