30 Lb. Striped Bass

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

Kenny K. of Livermore landed this 30 pound striped bass on anchovies while he was fishing in the Narrows!
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Del Valle Lake Staff

by East Bay Regional Park District

The lake temperature has been in the lower 60s for most of the day, finally bringing the smallmouth and largemouth bass out here at Lake Del Valle!

As the season grows warmer, the sunfish fishing has picked up. Several large crappies and bluegill have been reported to the marina staff. Sunfish are a great target fish for kids and can be easily caught using red worms or mini nightcrawlers. We suggest fishing for them near large weed patches or at any tree that has fallen into the lake. You will likely get a strike quite quickly. If not, recast.


We are in the final weeks of trout fishing before the water temperatures start to rise. The next week or two is looking like mild weather so expect these trout to hand around for a while longer. The trout are gunning hard for shad imitations and spoons. Kastmasters work well for getting the trout interested in your lure. Smaller spinnerbaits can work as well. If you are fishing from shore, the east beach area is a great place to land a trout and is accessible to everyone. If you like throwing bait, the corn yellow Powerbait has been the main Powerbait that anglers out here have been using to catch the trout. If you have a boat, we recommend anchoring off to the center of the cove and drifting your bait. Kastmasters are great if you want to throw a lure. We recommend flat chrome or gold colors.


The catfish bite is also starting to pick up as the water temperatures warm. Many of the catfish that have been caught are being caught on chicken livers or anchovies. The catfish are moving around in the tule patches at various points around the lake. If you see carp rolling in the tules, there is a good chance there are catfish nearby.


The bass are also biting well with many anglers using nightcrawlers to hook up with the bass. If you are fishing from shore, we recommend the south end of the lake. The south end of the lake is perfect spawning habitat for bass, and they are starting to move into the shallows to start their spawning season. If you have a boat, the rock points with the deep drop-offs are the best bet. Many of the bass are nesting, so try to find areas where they might be spawning.

The striped bass bite has come alive in the last couple of weeks. Many stripers are being caught on anchovies out in Heron Bay. As the water temperatures rise, look out for the striped bass boils. The striped bass follow the schools of shad as they start to spawn.

Good luck out there the bass fishing is intense right now! – Captain Jacob

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