Lake Levels

Lake Berryessa - Winters, CA (Napa County)

by Lake Berryessa News

Since Tuesday, 1/15/19, Lake Berryessa has had 4.91 inches of rain at Monticello Dam for a season total 16.63 inches - higher than rainfall for all of last year by 1.74 inches already!
The lake has risen from 424.4 feet on 1/14/19 to 427.4 feet - 3 feet (36 inches) in four days - and still rising.
The lake is now at 12.6 feet below Glory Hole.
Last year at this time the lake was at 430.7 feet, 9.3 feet below Glory Hole. The highest level last year was only 434.1 feet - 6.9 feet below Glory Hole.
Rainfall last year had only reached 6.5 inches by this date. Total rainfall last season was only 14.89 inches
Note: 3 feet (36") rise in 4 days with 4.91" rain = 7.3" rise per inch of rain


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