Pasote Tequila & Berryessa Bass Tournaments Circuit

Lake Berryessa - Winters, CA (Napa County)

Largemouth Bass
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Berryessa News

by Lake Berryessa News

(Editor’s note: This tournament took place while more than 3 inches of rain fell on Lake Berryessa during the windy day! You can see from the photos below that these are dedicated - or some other appropriate word - anglers.)

WOW - lots of or rain lasting from live-well check to awards in Markley Cove Store! Thanks to the 18 BRAVE Teams that fished the 4th event! The rain was relentless, glad I have my 200MPH Rain Gear! Hot chili was the favorite at weigh-ins!
Next tournament Sunday 2/10/19!

The lake is fishing well for numbers now, and most of the field found limits, just no giants were weighed in. Most teams struggled for a big bite all day, but a few teams got a good one! The bite has been good with the lake turning and the rains falling! Most teams reported catching their fish in 10 - 40 feet. Only a few boats ran North, with most teams staying off the ocean in the main lake. Once again, you all did great taking care of your fish and catching fish in the harsh conditions!

On a bad note, I was told three boats went blasting through the 5 MPH under Pope Creek Bridge and a fourth boat blasted on to plane after the bridge! That is a 5 MPH zone and you can be DISQUALIFIED if turned in!

Water temps are into the mid 50’s range with the water clarity slightly murky, especially after the rain and winds on Saturday again. Teams reported catching their fish on Crank Baits, Jigs, A-Rigs, and Glide Baits. Swimbait bite did not happen? Most teams were fishing anywhere before main body of the lake and didn’t run far in the rain.

First Place went to Shawn Graves and Brook Van Muijen with a good sack and a great kicker! Their sack weighed 16.97lbs and was anchored with a 4.93lb kicker. Second Place went to Joe Mariani and Luke Lipanovich who brought in a sack that weighed 14.29lbs and a 4.13lb kicker. Third Place went to Bob Dettling and Jason Kincannon with a sack that weighed 14.27lbs with a 5.67lb kicker for 1st Place Big Fish. With a Fourth Place finish, Matt Hamilton and Scott Smith weighed in 12.75lbs. In Fifth Place, John Pearl came in with a sack weighing 12.53lbs. Nic Nourot and Ryan German weighed in a 4.98lb fish for 2nd Place Big Fish.

Happy New Year from Berryessa Bass Tournaments!! Thanks to all the teams for supporting the 2018-2019 Pasote Tequila & Berryessa Bass Tournaments Circuit on this past miserable wet Sunday! Thanks to our Sponsor’s: Pasote Tequila, P-Line, Venom Energy Drinks, Ficelle’s Bistro, Tomat’s Restaurant, Kasoku Teriyaki & More, Koloa Bass/Zipline/ATV, Dobyns Rods, Fisherman’s Warehouse, Battery Systems, Pisani’s Automotive, Trigger Grips,, Markley Cove, and CE Ranch, Buckhorn Restaurant, Todd’s Custom Rod Art, Hisui, A-Rig-Wrap, Round Table Pizza, Buckhorn Grill, Pro Cure, Bay Tackle, LEBCO, Berryessa Boat Repair and Gone Fishin Marine!

If you bring a currently dated receipt from Gone Fishin Marine or any other sponsor, I will give you free raffle tix! You can also get 10% off purchases if you’re a Berryessa Bass Tournament member! I will have membership cards for you at the next tournament! Email or call office phone if you have any questions: (530)794-6085 Thanks for the Support!!! Website should be updated shortly!

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