Glory Hole Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Glory Hole Sports

New Melones Lake level is currently at 1051.50 and 36.50 ft. from full. Water temperature is at 60 d.

Lake Turnover | Definition of Lake Turnover

Lake turnover is the process of a lake's water turning over from top to bottom. During the fall, the warm surface water begins to cool. As water cools, it becomes denser, causing it to sink. As this dense surface water sinks, it causes the lower layers of water to rise, causing the lake to "Turnover". When the lake is done with the fall turnover get ready for some fantastic fall and winter fishing, leading all the way up into spring.


The fishing on New Melones could be considered challenging this time of year during what we all know as the lake turning over. We've had a wide range of reports on trout fishing from guys fishing from the bank bringing in rainbows using Rapala's, trolling anglers hooking up at 20 ft. to 60 ft. Limits of rainbows have dropped off, but when they do hookup, they are bringing in quality fish. 10/23, Angler Marshall from Modesto landed a nice 7 lb. 6 oz. bow by the Parrots Ferry Bridge trolling at 60 ft. using a blue Criplure with a trout scent. Carson Cove has been as consistent in giving up rainbows as anywhere on the lake as Glenn Woodbury of Sonora showed us on 10/26 with this nice rainbow trout, 5 lb. 14 oz. trolling with a needlefish/copcar at 60 ft. depth and a garlic scent.


Glory Hole Sports has held sign-ups for two different bass events this month. I'd have to say the guys fishing these events are pretty much on their game when it comes to bass fishing. Both groups had reported struggling with the bite and landing fish for the weigh bag but indicated mild success with Johnny C. jigs in a Sculpin. Drop shot also producing strikes. Congratulations to Josh Parris, and John Liecthy in winning the first annual BABC Swimbait Tournament on 10/28 with a 11.78 lb bass using a River2Sea 200 Swaver.

John Holton sent us a nice picture of himself and a nice'r 5.2 lb bass that was actually caught by his wife Janice Richardson with a bright neon green grub in the "furthest north cove on the lake".. Congrats Janice, and thanks for holding the fish for the lady John!


The Glory Hole Sports Catfish Tournament started Nov.1, with 45 entered contestants. First one weighing in a cat was Jeremy with 9.85 lb. He reported using large crawlers to land this catfish.

Young David Shigematsu of Coulterville came into Glory Hole Sports on 11/5 with his dad to get some advice from our expert Sherryl VanSanden on the what, where, and how to catch fish on New Melones. She set them up with tackle, bait and a map and shortly thereafter David had landed this nice 7+ lb. channel cat. Congrats!


Look for Crappie in the marina area and Angels Cove around shelter at 20 ft. Pearl tube jigs, Mepps lures with paddle tail minnow will bring Crappie strikes.

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