Clear Lake Fishing Report

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by RB Bass

Got on the water today around noon with my friend Frank Jocksch .The water temps are in the low to mid eighties with pretty muck zero visibility. Your chooses are brown water up North and green water down South. I’m having my best luck in the middle where the two meet. Started out on a little grass mat mid-lake that I’ve had some luck with the frog but couldn’t get them to look up. Picked up the brush hogs, Texas rigged with a 1\4 oz weight and started wearing them out dragging them in eight to ten feet of water. From there we decided to go and try our luck on the dock’s. This turned out to be the right call. We had to cover a lot of water but when we found them they were really schooled up and the bite was on fire. Drop-Shot, Jig, Brush hog’s and shaky head’s all caught fish from 1/2 a pound to our big fish of just under seven. This bite slowed down after a few hour’s but we noticed we were getting bit at the end of our cast when we speed everything up to bring in our bait. This clued us into the reaction bite so we picked up the LV 500’s and square bill crank baits in shad colors and had some pretty good rallies. The Lake is making a good come back from the over sparing of the grass that caused the big fish die off in my opinion .Lower temp’s at night and the evening wind’s are helping the lake to recover. Rattle snake still has some blue green algae but doesn’t smell as bad ,You still see a lot of dead fish floating around.Break’s my heart seeing the ten plus pound fish belly up. If you have a trip planned, I say come on up. The fish we caught today looked very healthy and fought like champ’s. Hope this help’s some of you out .Good Luck, Treat people the way you want to be treated and be safe. Bob Tyler

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