Spillway at Oroville comes apart!

Feather River - Oroville, CA

Photo Credit: images of the Oroville spillway on February 9, 2017

by Dave Jacobs

The DWR earlier this week discovered a problem on the spillway at Oroville while releasing nearly 50,000 cfs to make room for storm run off this week.  Upon droping the releases it was discovered that there was a "crater like" break in the spillway with a nearly 30 foot deep crater created.  Upon looking at all of the best options it looked like with the heavy rains pouring into lake Oroville and the possibility of the lake reaching the 900 foot mark it was decided to release over 40,000 cfs from the lake at the spillway.  As you can see in the images the smaller breach completely disingrated from the force of the releases this afternoon.  At the time of this update (Friday morning February 9, 2017 ) the releases were 65.000 cfs and scheduled to remain there as of Friday morning 2-10-2017.  There are reports that the Feather River hatchery was moving all of the 4 million hatchery salmon to a safe location farther from the dam on Hwy 99.   Curently Oroville is 892.5 feet and rising.  Oroville will spill its banks at the emergency spillway at 901 feet. Currently rains have slowed but the heavy runoff continues to pour into Oroville at over 155,000 cfs at the time of this update.  

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