Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

by Lake Camanche Staff
(209) 763-5121

It's been a constant flurry of fishing activity out here at Lake Camanche.

The lake has come up a bit with the warm weather storms and is now at 68%. Lake Pardee is releasing more water into Camanche at 1,190 C.F.S. and Camanche only releasing 608C.F.S. Lake elevation as of this report at Camanche was 2156.17 which puts the lake at 19.33′ from spilling. Surface water temps are also holding between 56-58 degrees.

3,000 lbs. of Mt Lassen trout are expected before the weekend with 1,000 lbs. going into the lake at both North Shore and South Shore ramps and 1,000 lbs. into the South trout pond.

We are expecting a deliveries each week through the end of April.

Below are just some the pictures that anglers shared on social media.

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