Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

by Lake Camanche Staff
(209) 763-5121

Water temps in the main lake have dropped to approximately 58 degrees depending on your location and the water level is currently at 67% full. Pardee Lake fluctuates its release but at the time of this report was releasing 514 C.F.S. into Lake Camanche. Lake Camanche again at the time of this report was releasing 542 C.F.S. into the Mokelumne River. Lake Camanche is 19.83′ from the spillway at elevation 215.75.

1,500 lbs. of Mt Lassen trout are expcted before the weekend with 750 lbs. going into the lake at the south ramp and 750 lbs. in at the north ramp.

We are expecting a deliveries each week through the end of April.

Local angler Robbie Dunham posted this info from his trip on the lake on Facebook on Friday 11/25.

“What an Awesome Day!! I finally had a chance to Fish with Brent Honnoll (pictured)… So Off to Camanche we Go… Launched under some wicked Wind… White Caps and big rollers… So I decided to head over to the Rockwall and find some calmer water… So after a few mins. there, I went into the Narrows… Made a pass down the North side, nothing, so across to the South side…. Just half way up, rigger at 7′ gets slammed. Brent brought in a nice 15″er… So i just kept going out of the narrows along the buoy line… This is where we stayed the rest of the day… Every Fish came from one direction… From East to West…. Then the Rain came, didn’t stop us.. We took turns until we boxed number 10 at 12:00 noon… Biggest was 5.0lbs. with the rest in the 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 lbs range. So we then headed back to the ramp…. After getting the boat and truck ready for travel, Brent and I went into the Cafe for a Burger… Thank You Brent for Lunch… Then up to the cleaning station… It was great day, one to remember!!! Thank You Brent for an Awesome day on Lake Camanche… Here are some Photos to enjoy…”

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