Working the Delta Hard

Sacramento Delta

by RB Bass

I hit the delta this past weekend and wasn’t sure what to expect. We just had our first cold snap of the year, water temperature was in the high 50s to low 60s. Water temperature was now 52 degrees and water clarity was anywhere from 5 to 10 feet. So first thing that came to mind was to break out the fairy wands. I started fishing the east delta and worked my way south. I caught some small fish on a drop shot and jerk bait nothing spectacular. 12 o’clock came around and still wasn’t able to put a pattern together. So I made a gamble and ran into Discovery Bay. I started fishing docks with heavy current thinking maybe these fished pulled out and are suspended ambushing bait as they move in and out with the tide. That was a dead end. As I kept working my way through the bay’s I found a bay loaded with bait and birds diving. I started catching fish immediately. I looked down at my graph and water temp. was now 57 degrees with a brown tint to the water. I started slowing down pitching a black and blue jig on the edge of the docks. This was very successful for smaller fish. The only thing I haven’t tried all day was a Whopper Plopper! First cast I landed one close to four pounds, went down a few more docks and landed one close to six pounds to finish up my day. All in all the day was a struggle, don’t be afraid to toss a top water plug this time of year! Hope this helps you in your next fishing trip.

Alex Sanchez Holds up a nice Delta Bass caught on a River2Sea Whopper Plopper

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