Lake Don Pedro Fishing Report

Don Pedro Reservoir - La Grange, CA (Tuolumne County)

by RB Bass

In preparation for a tournament I’ve been spending a lot of time on Don Pedro. The bite is really good if you are in the right areas. The shad have been moving in to the creek arms. Rip baits, drop shots, crank baits and spoons have been my most productive baits. Early in the morning rip baits and cranks in 2 to 10 feet have been good producers. As the sun comes up and the fish start to pull out to the 20+ range the drop shot, jigs and spoon come in to play and will load the boat with clones in 2lb range. There are larger fish in those schools, not many but during practice I’d hit a couple in the 3-4lb range. Finding the roaming schools is key, they are never exactly in same place as the day before but you’ll know when you find them, the schools are absolutely huge! Tournament day we put at least 50 fish in the boat all from the same school. I like to do figure eights around the bait balls till I locate them. After catching to many fish they will move and you’ll have go back into search mode. You will also find schools of crappie getting in on the action. Water temps are falling and are currently in the 55 to 60 range. The swim bait bite is also turning on, and will continue to get better the more they plant trout. Good luck out there!

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