Collins Lake Fishing Report

Collins Lake - Browns Valley, CA (Yuba County)

by Collins Lake Staff

As the summer winds down and the weather is still warm, the trout are still hanging out in the deeper waters. Catfishing is still ideal and night fishing is perfect with the cooler temperatures at night its a lot easier to stay out for longer periods of time and enjoy the perfect evening chill.

Jose Orellano of Concord, Ca. hooked an 8 lb. Catfish on one such evening will sitting in his boat in the north end of the lake towards the bridge and he used anchovies for bait.

Kyle Ledeau of Santa Clara hooked his Catfish off the sand beach and he used sardines. Those Cats just love that stink bait and the stinkier the better!! Mikey and his Dad fished for Cats in the upper part of the lake near the bridge and hooked a nice 4 lb. 8 oz., looks like Mikey was struggling to hold that brute up for his picture!

Young Isaiah & Elian Murillou of Vallejo caught a gigantic 5 lb. Bass and they caught this lunker on a Roostertail they were tossing near the dock.

Antonio & Robert from Fairfield hooked 3 Cats by the dam on their favorite stink bait. Tyler looks like the only one that caught a trout this week, while night fishing off the dock with PowerBait.

The Kugler guys from San Jose got into a school of Redear Sunfish and landed some great ones, man oh man they are good eating! Looks like Spencer Kugler also caught a Catfish on the beach using sardines.

Katie Evans caught her 1st Trout of the year for her just over a week ago, Katie was using salmon eggs and fished from the shoreline down by the dam.

Until the evenings start cooling down more often towards the end of summer and beginning of our fall season the fishing will remain unchanged. The trout will still hide during the day and the catfish and bass and sunfish will be more prominent during the day because they like the warm water temperatures.

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