Catfish bite strong at New Melones

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Water clarity is stained in many areas and will occasionally clear up. The water temperature is warm, with the average being 75-79 degrees. Glory Hole Point boat launch is a two lane dirt road and gravel leading off of the end of the point. There is not a courtesy dock and it is best to launch with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Trout bite is fair. Most anglers that are on the water are not targeting trout. The trout are down in deep water and holding near the old lake and existing river channel. The shad have also headed toward these deep/cool areas, and the trout will feed on them throughout the day. Trolling anglers try trolling down to 50-70' of water. Use a good topographical map or the contour map on your fish finder to avoid snagging your presentations on the bottom. When fishing in deep water you should use baits that rattle or wobble side-to-side. Fish will be able to find baits that create commotion. Plus, a little scent will go a long way. The fish will key in on the scent and track the bait down. Night fishing anglers have been catching a mix bag of fish while fishing under a submersible light. Trout, bass, catfish and crappie will swing by to feed on the shad that have been drawn to the light. Some of the biggest fish will lurk on the outside edge of the light. It is a good idea to occasionally make a few casts with a shad patterned lure. The kokanee bite has been okay and the ones that are being caught are thick and healthy. The bite has been very unpredictable. Some days they are easy to find and other days they seem nonexistent. The water is stained, which makes it more difficult for the kokanee to feed by sight. When setting up your presentation be sure to include sound, vibration and scent. Try using large slingblades and baits that wobble. Apex, Wee Tads and Wiggle Hoochies are all good choices. The side-to-side wobble will displace water and create a vibration that will help the kokanee locate the bait. Also, an Oregon Tackle Scent Chamber tied inline will ensure when the kokanee are near they will be able to track the bait down. Many anglers will use ball trolls or umbrella trolls to add extra flash. Or, run a series of contrasting colored slingblades off of the downrigger ball. Bass: Good. The bass have moved to offshore structure and can be found suspended in the timber near deep water. The shad are schooling over the cool water and many of the bass can be found out in the middle of the lake feeding on these balls of shad. It is best to look for intersections where deep and shallow water come together. Many fish, especially the larger fish, will feed during the night. Try starting your trip in the evening and fishing into the dark. The cooler air and water temperature will make them feel more comfortable and the low light conditions will give them an advantage over their prey. Catfish: Great. The catfish are in shallow water and heavily feeding. This has been one of the best years for catfish, and anglers are bringing in some really nice ones. Some anglers are reporting catching dozens of cats on each trip. The bite seems to be best at night, but it is very possible to catch them during the day as well. Glory Hole Sports (209) 736-4333

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