Clear Lake Fish Report - November 7, 2008

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by Bob Rider
(707) 994-3474

Welcome to autumn. Rain, cold and fog have all been in the picture this week for our wonderful lake. What a blessing! First, we flat need the rain, so bring it on. And second, the crappie love the terrible weather cold and drizzly is perfect for a sound crappie bite. The bass aren't doing anything spectacular these days, but you'll catch a few if you work at it. Cats continue to eat apparently not caring much about anything besides filling their bellies. Here are the detailsĶ

I'll start with bass. Lipless crankbaits, deep cranks, jerk baits, drop shotting, and jigs all are working to a limited extent. I've got guys fishing in three feet of water and all the way down to 28 feet of water with some success. Plan on working hard for a few decent fish. Now, the minnow guys are enjoying an improved bite (typical of this time of year) on jumbos. Most are working submerged rock piles or humps and finding bass stacked in layers. The lake's water temp is running in the mid-50's currently.

The crappie bite is taking the spotlight this week. Slabs from one to three pounds have been found with frequency over in Jones Bay, at Konocti Harbor, and a new mention of Kono Tayee and Shag Rock. The prevailing bite seems to be deep water (greater than 25') with features (like rocks or humps) that rise up 8 12 feet from the bottom. Live bait has accounted for most of all the crappie caught, with a few coming on assorted jigs. Look for this bite to open wide up as we move on towards the winter. (Crappie for thanksgiving? Yum!)

Lots of anglers fishing for bass and crappie are reporting in with plentiful catches of whiskerfish. Catfish hunters are enjoying a reliable bite on shad, mackerel, and live jumbo minnows. A slow drift down the Glenhaven shoreline was productive for one angler reporting in today. Others are catching cats in all the regular deep water holes.

Overall, we've got us some very typical fall season conditions. Call or email for the very latest updates or stop on in and check out our newly expanded store. We've more than DOUBLED our floor space and we're adding product in every category and adding new stuff, too. If you haven't been in over the last month, you've got to check us out! We're planning a VERY SPECIAL promotion for December, so stay tuned!

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