Clear Lake Fish Report - October 17, 2008

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by Bob Rider
(707) 994-3474

Nice weather, less stink (from the dead carp) and a slight improvement have
brought more anglers out. Season openers for duck (Balance of State) and
quail (Zone Q1 & Balance of State) this weekend have brought the hunters
out, too. Here's what we've got for you in this week's report:

Bass anglers have figured out that minnows are a favorite for fall bass.
Local Guide Bob Myskey gave us a good report on Thursday with 23 bass
boated, almost four dozen minnows used. The best bite for bass was at the 20
foot depth. (Specific location undisclosed, understandably.) We've had a
few good reports this week that indicate at least some of the bass are
willing to cooperate. We're seeing deeper running crank baits & lipless
cranks starting up. Drop shotting deeper water is working as well. While
this isn't an all day bite, things are improving... I'll keep you posted.

We've got some spotty reports of five to ten crappie coming out of 24 to 30
foot water. Jones Bay and Jago Bay are getting attention. The action isn't
consistent from day to day, but there is action. Minnows, here again, are
the key to finding some nice big slabs.

The catfish continue to be hungry and willing. Big minnows or the usual
stuff out of the freezer are doing the trick. Boaters are having the best
luck. Jago Bay and the tip of the pipeline here in the Redbud Arm are

For event news, or store news, not sure which to call it... We've begun our
planned expansion project. We just added another 640 square feet of retail
space to our store. The project will continue for the next few weeks before
the new part of our store is up to speed, but we're excited to be growing.
Stop by and see what's going on, but pardon the dust as the work is getting
done. Your favorite sport shop is growing to serve you better with more of
what you want!

And for some of you who read our local newspapers, you probably saw that we
were burglarized this week. The thief got nothing (we put our guns in a
vault at night) but sure did make a mess of things. We're still finding
glass! I mention this only to say a very sincere Thank You to many of you
that called, emailed, or stopped by to check on us. And also, a big
heart-felt thank you to West Alert - our security company and the Clearlake
Police Department who have done such a great job this week!

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