Fish Plants for the Week of
August 6, 2017 to August 12, 2017

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Fish Plants
Photo Credit: CDFW

Alpine County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Stanislaus River - Clarks ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Stanislaus River - Clarks Fork - Alpine CountyRainbow TroutCDFW 
Union ReservoirRainbow TroutCDFW 

Butte County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Butte Creek BigRainbow TroutCDFW 

Fresno County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Big Creek - above HuntingtonRainbow TroutCDFW 
Kings RiverRainbow TroutCDFW 
Rancheria CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
San Joaquin River - South ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Ward LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Wishon ReservoirRainbow TroutCDFW 

Kings County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Kings RiverRainbow TroutCDFW 

Lassen County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Clear CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Goodrich Creek LowerRainbow TroutCDFW 

Madera County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Chiquito Creek - LowerRainbow TroutCDFW 
Granite CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Manzanita LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 

Mono County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Buckeye CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Convict CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Convict LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Ellery LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Glass CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Grant LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Gull LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
June LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Lee Vining CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Lee Vining Creek South ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Little Walker RiverRainbow TroutCDFW 
Lundy LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Mammoth CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
McGee CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Mill CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Molybdenite CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Owens River - Section 3 - Upper (above Crowley)Rainbow TroutCDFW 
Rock Creek - Section 1Rainbow TroutCDFW 
Rock Creek - Section 2Rainbow TroutCDFW 
Rush CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Saddlebag CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Saddlebag LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Sherwin CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Silver LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Tioga LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Trumble LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Twin Lake LowerRainbow TroutCDFW 
Twin Lake UpperRainbow TroutCDFW 
Twin Lakes (Mammoth Basin)Rainbow TroutCDFW 
Virginia CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Virginia LakesRainbow TroutCDFW 
Walker River - West Section 3Rainbow TroutCDFW 

Plumas County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Feather River - North Fork - AlmanorRainbow TroutCDFW 
Lake AlmanorRainbow TroutCDFW 

Shasta County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Baum LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Burney Creek - MiddleRainbow TroutCDFW 
Burney Creek - UpperRainbow TroutCDFW 
Hat Creek - MiddleRainbow TroutCDFW 
Hat Creek - UpperRainbow TroutCDFW 
Iron Canyon ReservoirRainbow TroutCDFW 

Sierra County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Gold LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 

Tehama County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Battle Creek - South ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Deer CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 

Trinity County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Carrville Dredge PondRainbow TroutCDFW 
Coffee CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Trinity River - Above Clair Engle LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Trinity River - East ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Trinity River - Stuart ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 

Tulare County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Peppermint CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Tule River - North Fork Middle Fork #1Rainbow TroutCDFW 
Tule River - South Fork Middle Fork #2Rainbow TroutCDFW 
Tule River - South Fork Middle Fork #3Rainbow TroutCDFW 

Tuolumne County

Fish SpotSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
Deadman CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Lyons CanalRainbow TroutCDFW 
Moccasin CreekRainbow TroutCDFW 
Pinecrest LakeRainbow TroutCDFW 
Powerhouse StreamRainbow TroutCDFW 
Stanislaus River - Clarks ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Stanislaus River - Middle ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Stanislaus River - South ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Tuolumne River - Middle ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Tuolumne River - North ForkRainbow TroutCDFW 
Tuolumne River - South ForkRainbow TroutCDFW